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Professional Backflow Testing Around Calgary

If you have ever been asked for a testing report from the city for your cross-connection device, it is time to pay attention. These valves, which are generally present in residential boiler systems or irrigation lines, keep the water from getting contaminated when it reaches the two systems. It is essential to test these valves and submit a backflow testing report every year. At Elbow River Plumbing, we have a team of certified and licensed technicians that can perform the required yearly test immediately, helping you avoid any kind of municipal penalties in Calgary.

Importance of Backflow Prevention

Without a backflow device, your water system can become contaminated whenever the water starts flowing in a reverse direction. Backflow prevention devices are similar to one-way water gates. They are made up of one or more check valves that close when the water flow reverses, keeping contaminants from entering your water system. You can rely on our backflow testing to avoid a backflow problem occurring when your backflow device isn't operating.

Check valve used to prevent backflow of water in pipes

Why You Need Backflow Testing

There are many signs you need backflow testing, such as:

  • Age: Your backflow needs an annual inspection to ensure you have safe drinking water. Even if you don't think there are any issues, a technician can spot hidden issues that could lead to severe ones later.

  • Quality of water: If your clean water supply becomes unclear or discoloured, your backflow device needs to be checked. Testing is necessary even if the discoloration is in a sink that you do not drink from. To solve the problem, contact an expert right away.

Irregularities in your backflow device: If you detect anything unusual about your backflow devices, like leaks or dripping water, it's time to have it inspected.

Backflow testing should be performed by trained professionals since human harmful impurities such as bacteria or human waste may enter your water supply. Regular backflow testing helps you avoid fatal health risks and also prevents you from hiring costly plumbing repairs. Contact Elbow River Plumbing immediately by phone to get an estimate on backflow testing.

Prevent Water Contamination

We make sure to do comprehensive backflow testing to allow consistent water flow.

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